American friends

In 1995 I took part in the program "Business for Russia" and during one month was in Louisville, KY. For this time I have got acquainted with many people. Some of them are especially dear for me. Some photos of that period here are submitted.


Robert Masters Don Anderson and me

In this photo Robert Masters (on the right) and his father in their house. When I stayed at Robert Masters he worked in Total Systems Engineering, Inc. as controller/VP.

Here I am photographed with Don Anderson, the president of Quantum Computer Group, Inc. He trained me a whole week in computer engineering.

Chris Fox Sergey Fedosin

Charming kind careful vigorous and tireless Chris Fox. She worked in United States Postal Service.

I have been leaving Louisville for Washington. In two days after it I was already in Moscow, and then in Perm. Good-bye Kentucky!

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