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This message is intended for the publishers interested in publication of new books on scientific subjects. As the author of five books "Fizika i filosofiia podobiia ot preonov do metagalaktik" , "Sovremennye problemy fiziki: v poiskakh novykh printsipov", "Osnovy sinkretiki: filosofiia nositelei", "Nositeli zhizni : proiskhozhdenie i evoliutsiia" and "The physical theories and infinite hierarchical nesting of matter", Sergey Fedosin offers to issue them on the native language of your country.

All offers will be thoroughly studied. For communication it is possible to use the following addresses:

- For: Fedosin Sergey Grigor'evich, Russia, 614088, Perm, Sviyazeva street, house 22, apartment 79

- Phone: + 7 8912 9870408

- Email: Sergey Fedosin

My first book "Fizika i filosofiia podobiia ot preonov do metagalaktik" (“Physics and Phylosophy of Similarity From Preons to Metagalaxies”, Perm, Style-mg, 1999, 544 pages, 66 tables, 93 illustrations, 377 bibliographic references, ISBN 5-8131-0012-1) was published in 1999. In the given book various aspects of the principle of similarity are used, allowing realizing ties between micro and macrocosm, structures of matter levels, to find the direction of evolution of space objects, including the Metagalaxy. The physical properties of particles and bodies are described, starting from preons and finishing big galactic systems. The broad range of fundamental problems of physics is considered: ether and superluminal speeds in the theory of relativity for example, and also the next:

- Coefficients of similarity between stars and nuclei,

- Meaning of combinations of fundamental physics constants,

- Waves of de Broglie as manifestation of internal standing waves of particles are described,

- Schematic model of occurrence of electric charge at elementary particles, calculation of electric charge using rotation and magnetic field of particle or stars' models,

- Nucleus gravitation as origin of strong interaction, calculation of strong gravitational constant,

- Models of the electron and the photon,

- Lorentz-invariant theory of gravitation is constructed, including: equations of field with 4-vectors and tensors; force; density of energy; fluxes of energy and momentum; tensor of gravitational field; equations of field as variations of Lagrange function; Umov-Poynting vector; gravitational emission; spiral waves in galaxies; metrics in and out of objects; Newton's law of gravitation in the concept of gravitons is deduced,

- Cosmological model,

- An explanation of red shift of galaxies,

- Path from energy components of fields tensors to the first law of thermodynamics, another definition and formulae of entropy, equation for the force in Le Chatelier-Braun principle are given,

- Axioms of thermodynamics of open systems are deduced,

- SPФ symmetry of similarity between the basic levels of the matter is entered. The SPФ is a new universal symmetry as like as CPT,

- Three new laws of philosophy are formulated.

In the book "Sovremennye problemy fiziki: v poiskakh novykh printsipov" (“The Problems of Modern Physics. Searching For New Principles”, Moskva: Editorial URSS, 2002, 192 pages, 26 illustrations, 50 bibliographic references, ISBN 5-8360-0435-8) the author has summed up the long-term researches in decision of the problem of ball lightning, having presented its electron-ionic model and structure of the lightning. After L.D. Landau Fedosin has applied the momentum-power approach to the description of space objects that has enabled to predict boundary points in their development, that is limiting masses and radiuses of planets, normal stars, white dwarfs and neutron stars. So the idea of step-type behaviour and quantization from quantum mechanics is penetrated in space macrophysics also. Application of Lorentz-invariant theory of gravitation to proton has allowed to state an independent estimation of proton radius. Fedosin is the author of the extended theory of special relativity which takes into account the postulate of existence of ether instead of the postulate of speed of light constancy, and the author of the metric theory of relativity with inclusion in it of gravitation as a real gravitational field.

The third book of Fedosin S.G. "Osnovy sinkretiki: filosofiia nositelei" (“Fundamentals of Syncretiсs. Philosophy of Carriers”, Moskva: Editorial URSS, 2003, 464 pages, 28 tables, 11 illustrations, 5 appendices and 102 bibliographic references, ISBN 5-354-00375-X) has come out in summer 2003. There is syncretics as a new method of scientific thought, that is the next step against metaphysics and dialectics. With the help of its new logic Fedosin has constructed full and consistent philosophical system: philosophy of carriers, and find that philosophical categories make mathematical group. In his work Fedosin has subjected to the deep analysis the basic categories of philosophy: concepts of interaction, change, motion, matter, subjective, ideal, reflections, spirit, organization, orderliness etc., and has allowed to connect all the given categories in one theory in which each category is independent and at the same time naturally is connected to all others. With the help of syncretics as new logic and wider sight on structure of the theory it began possible to discover new philosophical categories such as the stream of existence, and also to formulate about 20 new philosophical laws.

The problem of origin of life, uniform world process, global evolution - all these questions closely connected with each other could be solved only after the proof of existence cosmological ladder of space objects as fractal-geometrical distribution, and discovery of close correlation of masses and sizes of alive organisms with masses and sizes of space objects. Simultaneous and synchronous existence of alive and lifeless systems with identical distribution on mass and size shows that these systems complementary each other, and alive and lifeless are philosophical contrasts with all consequences following from here. For example, essential difference alive from lifeless is presence of an independent source of ordering which operates all reactions of an organism. All of this was demonstrated in the book "Nositeli zhizni : proiskhozhdenie i evoliutsiia" (“The Carriers of Life: Origin and Evolution”, S.-Peterburg: Dmitrii Bulanin, 2007, 104 pages, 11 illustrations, 60 bibliographic references, ISBN 978-5-86007-556-6).

Annotation of the book "The physical theories and infinite hierarchical nesting of matter" (Volume 1, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, pages: 580, ISBN-13: 978-3-659-57301-9): With the help of syncretiсs as a new philosophical logic, the philosophy of carriers, the theory of similarity and the theory of Infinite Hierarchical Nesting of Matter, the problems of modern physics are analyzed. We consider the classical and relativistic mechanics, the special and general theories of relativity, the theory of electromagnetic and gravitational fields, of weak and strong interactions. The goal is axiomatization of these theories, building models of elementary particles and of their interactions with each other. The main obtained results are: the model of bead lightning; an explanation of redshift of the spectra of galaxies; the derivation of the Newton law in the concept of gravitons; the calculation of nuclear forces and the structure of simplest nuclei with the help of the theory of strong gravitation; building the model of weak interactions of elementary particles; presentation of quarks as a particular type of quasiparticles; explanation of the electron spin.

See also Gravitoelectromagnetism , Maxwell-like gravitational equations , Selfconsistent gravitational constants , Scale dimension , Covariant theory of gravitation.

For scientists

Project Proposal: Base for gravitational levitation. The purpose of the proposal is preparation of bases for creation and demonstrations of gravitational levitation. The levitation here is understood as change of effective weight of objects in gravitational field down to full loss of this weight and display of antigravitational effect. Objects are bodies, and also the special technical devices purposefully changing properties of gravitational field around them. The theoretical substantiation of equations of gravitational field which are looks like Maxwell equations for electromagnetic field, is resulted in the book [Fedosin S.G. Fizika i filosofiia podobiia ot preonov do metagalaktik. - Perm, Style-Mg, 1999, 544 pages, in Russian]. The further work has led to the following papers:

1.                  Definition of moment of momentum and radius of proton - in: Fedosin S.G. and Kim A.S. The Moment of Momentum and the Proton Radius // Russ. Phys. J., Vol. 45, No. 5, pp. 534-538 (2002).

2.                  A new substantiation of bases of special and general theory of relativity - in: Fedosin S.G. Sovremennye problemy fiziki: v poiskakh novykh printsipov. Moskva: Editorial URSS, 2002, 192 pages, ISBN 5-8360-0435-8 (in Russian).

3.                  Fedosin S.G. Electromagnetic and Gravitational Pictures of the World. // Apeiron, Vol. 14, No. 4, pp. 385-413 (2007).

4.                  Fedosin S.G. Mass, Momentum and Energy of Gravitational Field. // Journal of Vectorial Relativity, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 30-35 (2008).

5.                  Fedosin S.G. Model of Gravitational Interaction in the Concept of Gravitons. // Journal of Vectorial Relativity, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 1-24 (2009).

6.                  Comments to the book: Fedosin S.G. Fizicheskie teorii i beskonechnaia vlozhennost materii. - Perm, 2009, 844 pages, Tabl. 21, Pic. 41, Ref. 289. ISBN 978-5-9901951-1-0. (in Russian).

7.                  Fedosin S.G. The General Theory of Relativity, Metric Theory of Relativity and Covariant Theory of Gravitation. Axiomatization and Critical Analysis. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Physics (IJTAP), ISSN: 2250-0634, Vol. 4, No. I , pp. 9-26 (2014).

8.                  Fedosin S.G. Energy, Momentum, Mass and Velocity of a Moving Body. Preprints 2017, 2017040150.

9.                  Fedosin S.G. The Principle of Proportionality of Mass and Energy: New Version. Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research, Vol. 1, No. 13, pp. 1-15 (2012).

10.              Fedosin S.G. The Principle of Least Action in Covariant Theory of Gravitation. // Hadronic Journal, Vol. 35, No. 1, pp. 35-70 (2012).

11.              Fedosin S.G. The Hamiltonian in covariant theory of gravitation. // Advances in Natural Science, 2012, Vol. 5, No. 4, P. 55 – 75. .


In the considered theory gravitational field is described by exact equations, and physical variables have clear sense and can be measured. It enables to predict various effects, including gravitational induction, levitation and antigravitation. During work on the project it is necessary:

1.                  To consider all possible variants of influence on gravitational field.

2.                  To choose the most effective decisions and give their theoretical analysis.

3.                  To construct model of the device showing levitation.

Performance of the project will allow to come nearer to the problem of construction of antigravitational engine.

Project Proposal: Artificial diamond. The purpose of the project –  development of new and highly effective ways of synthesis of artificial diamonds. Realization of the project will provide necessary base for manufacture of disperse powders of diamond, diamond coverings, crystals of diamond. Now synthesis of the diamond powder is already carried out in laboratory conditions on low-power device with the help of electrodynamic method. The patent is received in 2003: Zharkov V.M., Kim A.S., Fedosin S.G. Method of production of artificial diamond // Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2199381, class 7B01J3/06,3/08, C01B31/06, C30B29/04,30/02, bulletin No. 6, 2003. However the given technology demands completion for an output on industrial level.

Project Proposal: The small-sized device for creation and demonstrations of ball lightning. The purpose of the project is the small-sized device for creation and demonstrations of ball lightning. The given device can be used in the educational purposes, and also in show for special effects. The theoretical basis of the project are the following works:

1.                  Fedosin S.G., Kim A.S. Criteria of the analysis of models of ball lightnings // VINITI, No. 3071-B00 from 06.12.2000, 31 pages (in Russian).

2.                  Fedosin S.G., Kim A.S. The physical theory of ball lightning // Applied physics, No. 1, 2001, pp. 69-87 (Russian Journal).

3.                  Sergei G. Fedosin, Anatolii S. Kim. Electron-Ionic Model of Ball Lightening // Journal of new energy, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 11-18 (2001).

4.                  Fedosin S.G. Sovremennye problemy fiziki: v poiskakh novykh printsipov. Moskva: Editorial URSS, 2002, 192 pages, ISBN 5-8360-0435-8 (in Russian).

5.                  Kim A.S., Fedosin S.G. Method of production of ball lightning // Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2210195, class 7H05H1/00, G09B23/18, bulletin No. 22, 2003.

6.                  "From fireball to the model of beaded lightning"  in the book: Fedosin S.G. "Fizicheskie teorii i beskonechnaia vlozhennost materii" (Perm, 2009, 844 pages, 21 tables, 41 illustrations, 289 bibliographic references, ISBN 978-5-9901951-1-0).


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