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Fedosin S.G. Osnovy sinkretiki: filosofiia nositeleĭ. (Fundamentals of Syncretiсs. Philosophy of Carriers).Moskva: Editorial URSS, 2003, 464 p. ISBN 5-354-00375-X. Tables 28. Fig. 11. Ref. 102 titles. (In Russian).


General information:


1.     The book is intended for distribution through the network in electronic form in pdf-format.

2.     Address of publisher: Fedosin Sergey Grigorievich, 614088, Russia, Perm, Architect Sviyazev str., 22-79.

3.     Internet: http://sergf.ru/knen.htm , E-mail: sergey.fedosin@gmail.com .

4.     The publication is protected by copyright law. In the absence of license agreements with publisher reproduction and copying of any part of the publication without the written permission of the publisher is not allowed. While quoting the publication reference for the publication is required.


Payment and delivery:


1.     Price of the book is 10 dollars ($).

2.     The order of payment (the recipient Fedosin Sergey Grigorievich, address of the publisher):

1)       Mail order.

2)       Transfer to WebMoney R765425398132 (in rubles).

3)       Transfer to WebMoney Z231722828549 (in dollars).

4)       The current account savings bank (details available on request by e-mail sergey.fedosin@gmail.com).

5)       In cash.

6)       Other appropriate way.


3.     For institutions and legal entities if necessary the relevant documents confirming the purchase of the book are executed.   


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